What’s the story with Walking Poles?

I’ve probably mentioned it, but I’m waiting for a knee replacement. (Should be within the next 2 months). Anyway, my regular walks have been getting more and more unbearable lately, and I have finally given in to the peer pressure from my friends (rather than stopped hiking) and bought some hiking poles!

They are only cheap ones, but I did a fair bit of research into what I needed and went for it. They are Aluminium and Telescopic with 2 sections that are adjusted by spring loaded press studs.

I picked them up from Decathlon, a local Sports and Outdoors Retailer. Normally I get my Outdoors Kit from Amazon, but I was passing and needed them immediately.

I got them home, read the instructions, set them to my height and hit the trail behind our house. Here’s my Strava stat’s:

When I started out I was like Bambi on Roller Blades, there were limbs going everywhere, as well as me missing the ground with the odd pole. It took me a hundred metres or so to get into a rhythm, but I soon picked it up.

Once I got into it, the poles felt like second nature and were easy to control. They are super lightweight, so no burden, and if they’re not being used they can fold up really small and be stored easily in a daysack or side pocket of a rucksack.

The Verdict

Actually, I’m pretty impressed. They took a hell of a lot of weight off my knees, they are easy to control and they definitely helped with my balance, which has always been pretty poor.

I am off on a DofE Exped on the 22 March and they will definitely be coming with me. maybe not to be used all the time, but on hand to be utilised when I begin to tire or get any knee pain.

Teal Gecko