What are the Benefits of Fast Walking?

Holistic physical and mental wellbeing is the new target for many successful millennials and Fast Walking is a simple yet effective way to achieve it.

If you keep finding yourself regularly focussing on finding some sort of balance in your hectic life, and you have become all to aware that your mind is fogging, bits are sagging and looking flabby, and you just can’t stay focussed, I have a simple yet effective way for you to turn things around incredibly quickly, “Fast Walking“, preferably, but not exclusively in nature.

Just a few simple brisk walks in your first week can be enough to re-light your passion for the Outdoors and for Physical Exercise.

What are the Main Benefits of Fast Walking?:

  • Fast Walking Clears Your Head
  • Fast Walking Motivates You
  • Fast Walking Kills Stress
  • Fast Walking Banishes Negative Thinking
  • Fast Walking Lights A Fire Under Creativity

Can you Clear your Head with a Fast Walk Outside?

Brisk Walking Clear Head

You certainly can. Many types of modern employment contain long hours of physical inactivity with intense concentration on one focal point, the screen.

Our physical attention may be focussed on one point, but there could be a multitude of other outcomes and considerations flying around in our heads. Our bodies are getting no exercise whatsoever, and our minds are being pushed to their limits for hours and hours.

All we need to finish us off is for someone to have the Mainstream News playing quietly in the background, feeding us 24/7 negativity on a scale previously unheard of in human history. Something has to change in order to break this unhealthy cycle and give us some clarity in our heads.

Taking a Fast Walk will give you exactly the break from this mental torture and physical inactivity that you need.

We are not talking about that Housewives of Orange County Power Walking thing with a straight back and your arms swinging across your chest. looking like the old Marathon Walkers from the early Olympics, not are we talking putting on our boots and rucksack and taking a full on Hike.

What we are suggesting is briskly walking for at least 10 to 15 minutes with a concentration on our breath. Walking in a Park with some greenery would be even more beneficial, but I know it is not always possible.

How Hard do I need to be pushing myself?

Brisk Walking Sweating

We need to be walking hard enough and fast enough to raise our heart rates and alter our breathing, taking in all the wonderful life energy from the extra air we are forcing in to our bodies.

We are not going to be pushing ourselves so hard that sweat is pouring down our foreheads when we are finished.

You should find, after a minute or so, if you walk briskly with a rhythmic pace, if you let go of the chatter in your head, and if you can really concentrate on your breath, all the way in and all the way out, that your mind begins to clear. You have managed to disconnect from your cycle of physical inactivity and intense concentration and Cleared your Mind

Is Fast Walking linked to Motivation?

It’s hard to stay motivated when you are doing the same mundane task day in and day out. Taking a Fast walk can break the cycle of monotony and help you regain your motivation.

Brisk Waling and Motivation

If you have followed the steps above, namely:

  • Took a Quick Paced Walk for 10-15 minutes
  • Really Concentrated on your Breaths
  • Walked with a Regular Pace
  • Raised your Heart Rate
  • Took in more Oxygen
  • Exercised your Inactive Muscles
  • Looked at some Greenery/Nature if possible

Then with blood now pumping around your major organs, and feel good chemicals being released into your system, a new wave of positivity will begin, right there and then, and you will feel more motivated for the challenges ahead.

It had been scientifically proven that even moderate exercise such as Fast Walking will trigger the release of Endorphins. Endorphins, as well as being the body’s natural painkiller also provide a feel good factor similar to a mild dose of Morphine bringing with it increases in both positivity and motivation.

Does Fast Walking give Stress Relief?

Sticking with our new found friends Endorphins, studies have shown that an increase in the release of Endorphins into our blood stream has the direct effect of decreasing dramatically the amount of Stress Hormones we have, alleviating stress.

Brisk Walking for Stress

Stress is officially recognised as the number one proxy killer in modern society. The shocking figures show that Stress is directly responsible for bringing about the onset of 60% of deadly human illnesses and diseases on the planet! Figures quoted from The Institute of HeartMath

So, if you are feeling stressed, and you would kind of like to stay alive, go for a brisk walk and release some Endorphins into your blood stream. How simple is that?

Can I Banish Negative Thinking with Fast Walking?

Negative Thinking and Ruminating used to be a speciality of mine. It was of course completely unconscious as I wasn’t aware of being stuck in that awful negative cycle.

Brisk Walking and Negative Thinking

In pretty much all aspects of my life, I was a positive upbeat person. Other than, when I was sat at a desk doing mundane tasks. My mind would start to wander and I would begin to go over a bunch of negative things in my head. What went wrong? Whose fault was it? What could have prevented it? What if it happens again? You know the cycle? I’m sure you do.

Negative thinking and ruminating, at least in me, are brought on by drab surroundings, mundane tasks, artificial lighting, inactivity, boredom, stress, background noise and chatter. I could go on, but it’s depressing even thinking about it and writing about it, so I’ll stop there.

The next step if we catch ourselves stuck in a cycle of negative thinking should be get outside and do some Fast walking.

So, revisiting our list of the steps we followed when we got out earlier, we:

  • Took a Quick Paced Walk for 10-15 minutes
  • Really Concentrated on your Breaths
  • Walked with a Regular Pace
  • Raised your Heart Rate
  • Took in more Oxygen
  • Exercised your Inactive Muscles
  • Looked at some Greenery/Nature if possible

We should now be relaxed, with a clear head, thinking positively, be motivated and have feel good chemicals flooding our system. What’s not to like.

Are Fast Walking and Creativity linked?

Brisk Walking for Creativity

I, like many people find it hard to just sit and come up with ideas. However, many times I have been out Trail Running or Walking and had an Eureka moment jolt into my head, like a bold of lightening, seemingly from nowhere. Is there a link between exercise and creativity?

I did a little digging to see if there was more to this link between Walking and Creativity and came up with this from Stanford University:

Stanford study finds that fast walking improves creativity

Stanford researchers found that walking boosts creative inspiration. They examined creativity levels of people while they walked versus while they sat. A person’s creative output increased by an average of 60 percent when walking.

Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple, was known for his walking meetings. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has also been seen holding meetings on foot. And perhaps you’ve paced back and forth on occasion to drum up ideas. [You can read the full, interesting report here]

Brisk Walking and Creativity

To be fair, if Fast Walking is good enough for the Creativity of these guys then it’s good enough for me.