LED Hiking Dog Collars for Dog Hiking

Who Knew about Rechargeable LED Hiking Dog Collars?

I was walking my 3 little Spanish Rescue Dogs the other night, well they were walking me, as they never stop pulling. It was just past dusk and someone was walking their dog towards me and it was wearing an LED lit hiking dog collar. How cool. I haven’t seen one before and it was incredibly bright. Very impressive. I’d never lose one of mine again when they sneak off to go exploring when we are Hiking and Camping if they were wearing a lit up dog collar.

I so wanted to approach the guy and ask for some information on it. I don’t know him, but as my 3 have been together since they were dumped in a box a few days old, and they are always together in a group of 3, they don’t play well with others and get a bitty snappy. World War 3 if I let them get too close.

In light of that (get it?), I thought I’d do a bit of Internet Research when I got home. I didn’t even know lit dog collars were even a thing.

Are LED Hiking Dog Collars safe for dogs?

Interesting question. This is the first thing that came into my head when I started looking online. After getting a feel for what kinds of lit dog collars were available, it appears that they are pretty much all LED lit, which is great, as I know from my Engineering background that LEDs produce little to no heat and are incredibly Durable, so no burned dog flesh from overheating bulbs, and no broken glass from cracked and smashed bulbs.

So, yes, it appears that LED Lit Hiking Dog Collars are indeed safe for dogs

What Colour LED Hiking Dog Collars are Best for Dogs?

I remember reading something long ago about dogs only being able to see limited colours compared to humans. Not black and white like the old TVs, but a sort of Blue to Yellow type Spectrum.

I also remembered reading about people scaring off stray dogs by holding their blue coloured bottles of water towards them. Was that a thing? Or did I dream it?

Using Blue Bottles to Keep Strays Away

A little further research confirmed my memories weren’t the made up ramblings of a broken mind.

What do the Veterinary Experts Say:

From @Tanmay_Shete
“Veterinary experts too admitted that the phenomenon, if true, is puzzling. According to a veterinarian, the blue reflection from the fluid might be scaring the dogs and that’s why they fear to come near the bottles. But, no study has been conducted so far on the reason behind blue colour deterring stray dogs. Although many people believe that dogs are colour blind and see everything only in black and white, a study conducted in Russia dispels this. The study indicated that dogs could distinguish between yellow and blue colours”.

So, just in case, Blue is out for me.

What Color LED Hiking Dog Collars should calm Dogs down?

LED Lit Dog Collars

Well, even more research leaves me with more questions than answers. It appears that some dogs prefer Blue and others Yellow. However some dogs appear to be afraid of Blue things, but none appear to be afraid of objects in the Orange – Yellow end of the doggie spectrum.

So, keeping things easy for me and for them, it would be that end of the spectrum that I’d stick to, if I do decide to get them LED Lit Dog Collars, which I am seriously considering as they looked great.

Where to Buy the Best LED Hiking Dog Collars

Where to Buy the Best LED Lit Dog Collars

Well it didn’t take much Internet Research for me to gravitate to an old favourite of mine, yes Amazon.

Amazon is most likely the best place to buy an LED hiking dog collar. The sheer variety of choice is enormous, and of course, like all things on Amazon, you can look at the customer reviews first to make sure what you are buying is fit for purpose. Add in Competitive Prices, Fast Delivery and a great Returns System if the item isn’t right, and what’s not to like?

What should we look for when Buying LED Hiking Dog Collars?

There are a few extra things to look for when buying an LED Lit Dog Collar.

  • What size Collar do you need?
  • What Colour Collar are you going to go for?
  • Rechargeable or Battery
  • Are you going for a plain one colour collar with a simple On/Off switch, or do you want the colour changing, flashing, deluxe model with a remote?

And Finally, Are there any other LED Lit Dog Accessories available?

It appears that there are, Click the Images for Details.

LED Lit Dog Harness

LED Lit Dog Leash

LED Lit Dog Collar Clip Ons

LED Lit Dog Toys