LED Head Torches are Better for Camping

Do you really still use a hand held torch when you’re Camping?

When you’re in your Tent and it starts to get dark are you using a hand held Torch, or do you wear an LED Head Torch? If you are still using a hand held Torch then you aren’t giving yourself access to both hands for a start.

Sticking with the faithful Torch is understandable if that is what you are used to. I have a great little LED Maglight Torch that I love, but it is impractical when doing any task that required both hands.

What are the Benefits of an LED Head Torch?

We are always looking for Hacks, Shortcuts and Time Saving Ideas in our normal lives, so why not go for the Effort Saving Convenience of wearing a Head Torch, especially if it is an LED Head Torch and preferably Rechargeable. Think “Saving to Planet” by not filling our Eco Parks with leaky Lead Acid Battery carcasses.

No matter how good you think your faithful old hand held torch is, it cannot possibly compare to the comfort and convenience of a well fitted LED Head Torch. Even if you have a top of the range, expensive and powerful LED Hand Held Torch. It may be comparable or even superior in power and quality, but you can bet your life that it is far less convenient than the convenience of a hands free and hassle free LED Rechargable Head Torch.

There is no task that comes to mind where wearing an LED Head Torch would be more inconvenient that holding a Torch in one hand to be honest.

Considering the sheer number of manual tasks you need your hands for while Camping, it is an absolute no-brainer to wear a Head Torch if you are going to have to partake in any night time activity Instead.

LED Head Torch at Night for Camping

Imagine doing any of these tasks in the dark whilst holding a Torch in one hand:

  • Putting up the Tent
  • Hammering in Tent Pegs
  • Connecting Guide Ropes
  • Inflating Sleeping Mats
  • Setting up the S;leeping Bags out of their Stuff Sacks
  • Cooking
  • Eating
  • Fastening Boot Laces
  • Setting a Compass Bearing

Ok, I think you get the picture now, that for camping in the dark, and especially performing something as critical as rescue work at night, or realistically any time when you require both hands to be free in the dark, an LED Head Torch is pretty much an essential piece of equipment.

The long and the short of it is, that utilising an LED Head Torch is going to leave your hands free for the endless list of other important tasks that you might need your hands for.

How Durable is an LED Head Torch?

Another thing to take into consideration is that if you are not carrying your source of light, you can’t drop it on the floor and break it so easily as you could if you were.

I have in the past had early versions of Head Torches with screw in bulbs, but since the introduction of reliable LEDs, either in hand held devices or worn on the head in an LED Head Torch, LEDs give better performance, more reliability, more durability and highly superior energy efficiency than a comparable Lamp without LEDs.

Why choose an LED Head Torch over one with Bulbs?

LED Head Torches in particular are highly superior to most other kinds of Head Torches due to the better performance and longer lifespan of the LEDs that they utilise.

These Light Emitting Diodes provide far more illumination than any traditional incandescent light bulbs can, putting out a far brighter, much whiter light.

Because they also use less power, they will burn through fewer batteries (Saving the Planet) and operate brighter and for longer providing you with useable light mor many extra hours.

Another overlooked feature of LEDs is that the LEDs have a far longer life span than traditional incandescent light bulbs. LEDs have no filaments inside of them nor a flimsy glass layer on the outside to break easily when you drop your Torch, LEDs are more Rugged and Durable than their outdated counterparts.

Once you get your Head Torch set up with a new set of batteries, or preferably “Charged Up” if you have been dragged into the 21st Century and have gone Rechargable, you can count on hundreds of hours of convenient, hands free illumination.

Im sure you will agree that wearing an LED Head torch and being Hands Free,is far more beneficial when you are on a Camping Trip at night than using a traditional Torch with the worry of the Batteries running low quickly or the shock of a dropped Torch breaking your incandescent bulb.

Are LED Head Torches Adjustable?

Adjustable LED Head Torch

Any standard and affordable LED Head Torch should have fully adjustable straps to help you get a comfortable fit to even the weirdest shaped head! Think the Goonies and “Hey you Guys”.

Joking aside, obviously it is important that you can get you LED Head Torch to fit you well and be able to stay where it should be in all circumstances and vigorous activities.

Most modern Head Torches provide some sort of hinged adjuster so that you can steer the beam of light in the right direction, leaving both hands free to carry on with the task in hand (see what I did there?).

You should also bear in mind the extra brightness provided by an LED Head Torch can sometimes be a Double Edged Sword. Turning around and looking into the face of your Camping Partner could do some serious short term damage to their night vision rendering them temporarily useless. Remember that most modern LED Head Torches utilise bright, white light that can even xbe seen from a few Kilometres away.

LED Head Torches, and in particular Rechargable LED Head Torches are incredibly useful, helpful, and dare I say it, essential pieces of Camping Equipment that should really be carried by every Camper.

They are Particularly useful in Night Time Emergency Situations, where both hand being free could potentially save lives and extra illumination provided by an LED Head Torch could be critical to the outcome.

Which LED Head Torch is Best?

It depends what your definition of Best is. “Best” is such a subjective term and could mean anything from the following list of more:

  • Cheapest
  • Most Rugged
  • Most Expensive
  • Brightest
  • Most Comfortable Fit
  • Most Features
  • Largest
  • Smallest
  • Standard Batteries or Rechargeable
  • Most Hours of Use per Battery or Charge
  • Plain or Trendy Style and Colours

In our continuous quest to find the most suitable Hiking, Camping, Walking and Outdoors equipment, we are going to be trialling some Rechargeable LED Head Torches in the near future here at TealGecko.com, watch this space for our findings.

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