How To Scare Away Cows

How to Scare Away Cows? My “True” Cow Story!

I found out the hard way that you need to know how to scare away cows for when the situation unexpectedly arises. Cows can be aggressive, dangerous and a real nuisance. That’s right “Cows”, not massive bulls with sharp horns, but medium sized Doe Eyed, no horned, cuddly looking cows!

We were in Austria learning to Paraglide on a small beginner’s slope when a group of cows took an unhealthy interest in what we were doing and proceeded to pop over and take a closer look. Being a City Boy I thought nothing of it.

However, in their inquisitive wander over to see us, a bit of a battle to get there first began between the group (I now know it’s a Herd). One after another they began to jostle for first place and all the time speeding up.

As there were around a dozen of them it looked kind of amusing to me, a “Cow Race”. LOL. With me coming from Gateshead and therefore being totally unaware of the dangers of cows I had a bit of a chuckle at the ever increasing desperation of each individual Cow’s desire to be at the front. As any blissfully unaware guy would do, I carried on folding my Paraglider to walk back up the hill.

At this point some of the other students began to “Leg it” up the hill. I thought to myself “They are only cows man”, and carried on walking.

It was at around a picosecond after that thought that the head of the new leader of the Cow race made contact with the middle of my back and knocked me flying, much to the amusement of the lads who had legged it. When I say knocked, it was more launched me flying as the power of the contact was seriously unexpected.

As I dusted myself off and picked up my shattered pride to the soundtrack of howling laughter from my mates, the cows proceeded to circle me like Sharks that had just got a whiff of blood, stand on my toe, trample all over my very expensive Paraglider and generally jostle me to try to find out what was going on.

Luckily for me, as I didn’t have a clue how to scare away cows, their interest levels are pretty low and they decided rather quickly to wander back down the hill. This was the point when I realised that Cows are actually pretty dangerous and I began to wonder what I would have done if they hadn’t lost interest. This is when I realised that I had no idea whatsoever of “How To Scare Away Cows“.

These Guys wish they knew How to Scare Away Cows. LOL

A couple of guys were Outdoors trying out their new camera, when a herd of inquisitive cows took an interest, just as the herd did when I was Paragliding. The situation ends up being a funny recorded encounter that they could share with their friends and post on YouTube. However, things could have been so much worse if one of them had tripped up, or the herd had caught them. Take a look, it’s quite scary and entertaining…

There is a little swearing in the video, so be prepared, or skip it if you don’t like such language.

Who Else wants to know Why and How To Scare Away Cows?

If you are out walking in the countryside in the UK, the US and most of Northern Europe, you are going to encounter Cows now and then. If you do, you need to know what to do. Here are my 10 Handy Cow Facts on How to Scare Away Cows:

  1. Cows would rather spend their day doing Cow stuff like Grazing and looking after their Calfs, but every now and then that gets interrupted by Humans. This is when they can either get scared, or as in my case, become inquisitive.
  2. Cows are Herd Animals and stick together as a group. If a cow takes an interest in you, you can bet all the other cows in the field are going to take an interest too. This is when the cows can become agitated and even frightened with the sudden switch of focus of the group. This can in turn frighten you and cause you to become erratic and act impulsively out of fear making matters worse.
  3. If you hike with your Dog then matters could become worse rather quickly. It only takes a bark or snap from a dog scare away cows and make them run off in fear. Due to their sheer size and weight a cow or herd could do some serious damage if they were to bump into you at pace.
  4. If you have a Dog on your Hike, keep it on a lead when around Cows and try to avoid walking through the middle of a herd. The Cows that can see your Dog directly will be fine, but it could spook the ones that just see your Dog as a fast moving shadow between the other Cows.
  5. Hiking Poles can be useful to Scare Away Cows. Swinging them about a bit will catch the eye of a Cow and remind it of the Farmer with his Crook that he uses to steer the herd. They will generally move if you speak with a voice of authority while swinging a pole as the Farmer would.
  6. Try not to accidentally scare away cows by sneaking up on them. Surprising a Cow that hasn’t noticed you approaching could work out badly for you both. Remember “Fight or Flight”? A Cow running from you is always better that one running at you, but best to not surprise a Cow and guess which option it will choose.
  7. If Cows have approached you and are getting inquisitive, try not to stare them in the eye. Walk on so that you are on an angle to them but can still see them without turning your back to them. Believe me, it hurts when you get butted in the spine by a Cow.
  8. If you are part of a group, stay together as a group. The mass of your noisy group will scare away cows more than any person walking alone.
  9. If you have a persistent Cow intent on pushing you around. Do not panic. Use your arms, walking poles or your rucksack to push it back, raise your voice as a farmer would and keep walking calmly towards the nearest exit point to safety. Do not run like hell. It will chase you out of sheer interest in what you are up to.
  10. Finally prevention is better than cure. If there is a route around the field with the Cows in it and it isn’t too far off your planned route, take that one. Why put yourself at risk of having to scare away cows rather than take a small detour?

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How to Scare Cows Away