How Much Is An Auto Sleepers Camper Van?

If you are from the UK, as I am, you will have heard of Auto Sleepers Camper Vans. Auto Sleepers is a family run business based in the Cotswolds that are renowned for their superior build quality and space saving designs.

Auto Sleepers Camper Vans has over 60 years of experience of building Camper Vans since their first conversion, a Morris J2 Van back in 1961. They have been converting Vans into Camper Vans ever since and they have become experts in the field.

From what I have been able to find, Auto Sleepers convert Peugeot, Mercedes, Fiat and Ford Vans into a range of different Camper Van Conversions.

As well as being Coachbuilders for their own wide selection of bespoke Camper Van conversions, they also have comprehensive Servicing, Repair and Parts Departments and even an Auto Sleepers Owners Club with well over 2000 members, which is a testament to their success.

What Types Of Auto Sleepers Camper Vans Are There?

Auto Sleepers have a comprehensive portfolio of builds. Names such as Trophy, Warwick, Broadway, Fairford, Ravenna, Duetto and Neuvo are but a few of their well known and loved offerings.

There are numerous others for sale both New and Used and on different platforms such as Peugeot, Mercedes, Fiat and Ford as I mentioned earlier.

Here’s a quick look at a few of the different Auto Sleepers’ builds, old and new:

2 Berth Auto Sleepers Nuevo on a Peugeot Base

How Much Is An Auto Sleepers Camper Van - Auto Sleepers Nuevo

The Auto Sleepers Nuevo is described as their most compact model, but it is also described as extremely spacious due to it’s clever use of space.

4 Berth Auto Sleepers Ravenna on a Ford Base

The Auto Sleepers Ravenna is one of their older models but is still as spacious and luxurious as when it first came into service. The Ravenna has an over cab bed fitted which can alternatively be used as an extra storage or luggage space if 4 berths are not required.

2 Berth Auto Sleepers Trophy on a VW Base

The Auto Sleepers Trophy is one of their older models from the 1990’s. It is based on the VW T4 and is packed with innovative living space saving and storage solutions. There are still numerous excellent examples of this model available o the used vehicle market today.

4 Berth Auto Sleepers Broadway on a Peugeot Base

How Much Is An Auto Sleepers Camper Van - Auto Sleepers Broadway

The Auto Sleepers Broadway is built on a long wheelbase, wide gauge Peugeot chassis so offers far more space to unwind than many of their other offerings.

2 Berth Stanton on a Mercedes Base

How Much Is An Auto Sleepers Camper Van - Mercedes Stanton

The Stanton is Auto Sleepers most compact model built on the Mercedes rear wheel drive chassis and along with the flagship specification levels it includes an optional fully automatic gearbox.

The Stanton truly is the top of the range of the Auto Sleepers compact Motorhomes, offering everything that you could need.

The Mercedes base offers unprecedented driving comfort and the Stanton is full of innovative features to ensure both luxury and space.

What Is The Most Popular Auto Sleepers Camper Van?

Taken from the Auto Sleepers website, the Warwick Duo is their top selling 2 berth Camper Van.

How Much Is An Auto Sleepers Camper Van - Auto Sleepers Warwick Duo

Rather than go into a whole list of features I have included the video review below which is well worth watching:

How Much Is A New Auto Sleepers Camper Van?

As Auto Sleepers have a wide range of offerings on different model builds, their price range is rather wide between affordable models ad the top of the range. So as a representative example I will give you the price of their best selling Peugeot Boxer based model the Auto Sleepers Warwick Duo.

A new version with the most basic of options will cost you in the region of £66,000 ($82,000). Adding features to the basic spec’ such as Aircon, High End Interior Trim and other luxuries will obviously increase the price accordingly.

How Much Is A Used Auto Sleepers Camper Van?

Used Auto Sleepers Camper Vans are readily available throughout the UK due to their prolific numbers. Used Auto Sleepers Camper Vans can still command a good second hand price, but their are bargains to be found if you are prepared to put the time in to search.

The build quality of Auto Sleepers Camper Vans is excellent and their high quality conversions should last for many years.

I did a quick search for Auto Sleepers Camper Vans near me and 58 came up in an instant. The prices ranged from between £16,000 for a 1999 Auto Sleepers Amethyst 2 berth on a Ford Transit Body to £70,000 for a 2021 Auto Sleepers Neuvo EK, 4 berth on a Peugeot Body. So as you can see there are models available to fit every budget.

4 Berth Auto Sleepers Neuvo EK

Is It Worth Buying An Auto Sleepers Camper Van?

Auto Sleepers Camper Vans are top quality coachbuilt designs that should last for many years. With their years of experience in the design and build of Camper Vans, space, storage and luxury have been combined to give owners the best Camper Van experience for a reasonable cost.

Auto Sleepers Camper Vans are sought after vehicles and their builds are regarded as high quality and innovative, so much so that they have their own Owners Association as I mentioned earlier.

In my opinion, and in the opinion of generations of previous owners it is definitely worth buying an Auto Sleepers Camper Van, either New or Second Hand.

How Much Is An Auto Sleepers Camper Van? – Summary

As you can see, Auto Sleepers have a long and reputable history of building high quality, innovative designs. They offer numerous models on several different vehicle bases and they have Service, Maintenance and Parts Facilities.

Auto Sleepers also have a group of like minded, contented owners who have come together and formed a community of support for their Camper Van builds. This alone shows me how much support and respect this company has from it’s customers.