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Welcome to TealGecko.com

Hi and welcome to the site. We have many years of Camping, Hiking, Trail Running, Walking and Navigating experience between the members of the Teal Gecko Family.

What Can We Help You With?

This site will be of benefit to everyone from the Weather Beaten experienced Hikers to complete Beginners.

We are always researching and discovering Hacks and More Efficient ways of doing the things that we Campers, Hikers and Trail Runners do, as well as breaking down those things we regularly do into bite sized, easy to learn chunks for the inexperienced.

We have Sections on:

  • Hiking With Your Dog
  • Cold Weather Hiking
  • Hiking for Health
  • Outdoor Advice
  • Camping with your Family
  • Camper Vans/RV’s

And of course much much more.

Why Teal Gecko?

I picked the name Teal Gecko because one day when I picked up my iPad when we were travelling in Thailand, there was a cute little Teal Coloured Gecko sitting on the charging lead looking at me. I remember thinking how cool it was. At the time I thought, hey, that would be a great name for my Travel Blog that I’d just started. I didn’t use it at the time, but kept the name filed away in my head for future reference, and here we are.

I got more and more into my Outdoors Lifestyle after we moved to Spain in early 2013 and switched focus, leaving my Travel Blog to dwindle and die, and starting this Outdoors Blog: TealGecko.com

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