Good Sleep is Essential when Camping

Why Good Sleep is Essential when Camping

Good Sleep is Essential when Camping - where to pitch your tent

The importance of sleep cannot be overlooked during a Camping Trip, Adventurous Journey or indeed any Outdoor Adventure. Operating when overtired in the outdoors is never a good idea and can be dangerous.

Good Sleep is Essential when Camping for our body’s well being. When you can’t get to sleep, it’s torture and it is doing you harm. When insomnia rears it’s ugly head, or you’re just tired, wet, hungry and uncomfortable most people would give anything just to nod off.

Lack of good quality sleep is linked to a whole bunch of serious afflictions, such as: Cancer, Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, many types of Infections, as well as being linked to Obesity. It can also affect your Alertness, your Mood, your Decision Making Ability and it can sap your Physical Strength. This is because your body needs, and uses sleep time to repair itself and go over what you have taken in and learned during the daytime.

Good Sleep is Essential when Camping – getting a Good Night’s Sleep?

There are several factors which will have to be considered in order for you to ensure you have the best possible chance of getting some quality rest:

  • The Climate you will be operating in
  • The Equipment that you take along with you
  • Our physical and mental Condition

Good Sleep is Essential when Camping – The Climate

good sleep is essential when camping - prepare for the climate

We need to be prepared for the climate that we are going to be sleeping in. I know it sounds like common sense, but the tabloids have regular stories of seemingly sensible people who have gone out on an adventure ill prepared and gotten into trouble, or worse. A little bit of preparation goes a long way. For example if we are going to be taking on an arduous multi day hike in a snowy mountainous region in the winter, we are going to need totally different preparation to a single day expedition in a Spanish Valley in the middle of hot, sticky Summer.

Good Sleep is Essential when Camping – Equipment

good sleep is essential when camping - pack accordingly

For the colder climates we are going to need:
Warm Clothing, Gloves, Thick Socks, Thermal Hat.
Insulation for Lying on Cold Surfaces.
Maybe a Zero Degrees or Sub Zero Rated Sleeping Bag.
Plenty of Hot Food and Drinks.
A good quality insulated tent.

However for the Summer expedition we would need:
Plenty of Water (Preferably Cold).
A Lightweight Airy Tent to stay cool.
A +10C or more rated Sleeping Bag.
A Lightweight Sleeping Mat.
Possibly a Solar Fan.
Loose fitting lightweight clothing such as shorts and tee shirts.
A Sun Cap/Hat.

Good Sleep is Essential when Camping – Our Condition

good sleep is essential when camping - assess your own condition

In order to ensure we get a good night’s sleep we will have to take into account, and rectify our own condition. We are simply not going to get any sleep if we are wet, hungry, too cold, too hot, or even full of stimulants such as coffee and energy bars.
We are going to need Shelter such as a Bivvy or Tent, something dry and suitable to sleep in (The correct Sleeping Bag for the Climate), and something comfortable to sleep on (A Sleeping Mat), as Well as Dry Clothes, Dry Clean Socks and Suitable food.
Coffee should not be drunk much after lunchtime as the caffeine takes around 10 hours to leave your system. Also try not to consume copious amounts of energy bars before bed, even if you are feeling tired!

We’ll be revisiting the importance of why Good Sleep is Essential when Camping in further detail later, it really is vitally important, but this information should point you in the right direction for a start.