Going Hiking with Family and Friends

A Great 17 km Hike we did at Castril, Spain with Bronze DofE Students

Tips for Hiking with Family and Friends

Interested in taking a trip? Whether you are looking to take a traditional trip with your family, escape the stresses of work or even go on a romantic getaway, have you thought about making it an adventure Hiking with Family and Friends?

Hiking adventures are great because they can be tailored for just about everyone, as well as for any occasion.

One of the many reasons why hiking is suitable for groups, romantic getaways and family trips is because hiking trials come in a myriad of different forms. Throughout the world you will find marked and unmarked hiking trails that are suitable for beginners, trails that are designed for experts, as well as those that are at the intermediate/average hiking level. This is great news if you are planning on hiking with family, new partners, friends or children, as you should be able to find a number of hiking trails in your area that are suitable for any occasion.

Hiking with Family and Friends v Hiking Alone

If you are like me. You will sometimes just want to go it alone and get out there and Hike. There is nothing more exhilarating than being in a new and unfamiliar area and just going discovering.

Hiking with Family and Friends v Solo Hike
Solo Hike in El Valle, Murcia, Spain 2018

It makes sense to take at least a Map of the Area and a Compass. But I have to admit I also enjoy just discovering and following tracks as long as there are prominent landmarks so that I can orientate myself so that I don’t get lost or put myself in danger.

Going it alone helps me to relieve stress and go through things that are on my mind. It is a form of Meditation to me really. Why not use a solo hike to clear your mind, recharge your batteries and get fit at the same time?

Hiking with Family and Friends v Hiking with Children

Many families who go hiking with their children choose to stay on an organised camping/hiking area, often at an onsite campground. This provides an additional level of security, as well as usually providing organised activities catering for the youngsters.

Hiking with Family and Friends - Taking Kids Along
The Kids on a Hike

When you are hiking you are at one with nature. However that brings with it an element of danger for the children. You will need to guide them for their own safety, but not smother them and take all the fun out of the hike. It can be a difficult balance to handle for a parent.

I remember reading a book when our daughter was young titled “50 Dangerous Things“. It was basically a book 50 things you should let your children do/experience without interfering to bring out their self belief and confidence. We made our way through almost everything in the book in just a few months, but one of the experiments/tasks was to let her climb a tree, alone, without us having any input whatsoever, and allow her to go as high as she wanted.

I could not believe how high she went, and I has to bite my lip several times not to say “careful” or “that’s high enough”. However, the sense of achievement on her face was priceless when she came down. I was so proud of her too.

Now I am not saying allow your family to put themselves in danger, but I am saying that I believe we stifle their self belief and confidence when we smother them.

Hiking with Family and Friends – Hiking for Romance

When considering romantic getaways, your planned romantic hiking adventure can be as short as a few hours or as long as a whole week. What could be better than spending time in nature, alone with someone you want to be alone with?

Hiking with Family and Friends - Romance
Wife and Me, El Valle, Spain

One of the many reasons why Hiking with Family and Friends is perfect for a romantic getaway is because the scenery and feeling of freedom brings out something primal in us. The fresh air, rugged terrain, closeness to nature and wildlife are some of the many reasons why hiking is such a popular activity amongst people of all cultural and economic backgrounds.

No matter what type of hiking trail you choose to hike, there is a good chance that you will come across a wide array of panoramic vistas. Many marked hiking trails are set next to rivers; therefore, there is also a good chance that you will get to see waterfalls, wildlife and all types of plant species that you wouldn’t normally come across. These experiences, as well as the fresh air and lack of pollution that you will come across are the perfect setting for any romantic getaway.

Hiking with Family and Friends – Hiking in Groups

People are also social animals, we like to congregate in groups or tribes with a common interest. If you search in your area, I am almost certain there will be a Rambling, Hiking or Walking Group of some sort.

Hiking with Family and Friends - DofE
Group Hike to Abandoned Sanatorium, Sierra Espuna, Spain 2018

If there isn’t, why not start one yourself? This generation we live in is the most Connected in human history. There are Apps and Social Networks that would enable you to contact and organise thousands of people in your area in seconds if that is what you wished to do.

I am currently mulling over the idea of starting a “Rucksack Club”. It is intended for the children who are too young to attend the DofE (Duke of Edinburgh Award) at the school where I volunteer. The idea is just to give them a few basics, such as walking in the countryside, using a map and compass and pitching a tent. All in preparation for when the do move up to DofE.

Why not organise your own walking/hiking group? Even if it’s just between you and a few close friends. It’s a great and sociable way to lose weight, get fit and breathe fresh air.

Hiking with Family and Friends in Organised Hiking Areas

Speaking of organised areas, if and when you go hiking, you will likely end up visiting a hiking park. There is one just behind where we live (I know, I’m so lucky). It has boards up with maps of the routes, their distances, difficulty levels and other interesting things to see when on the hikes. The routes are also marked with either wooden signs or by painted marks on rocks and prominent features periodically.

Hiking with Family and Friends in Groups
Marked Trail Sierra Espuna, Spain, 2018

If you can, I would highly recommend Hiking with Family and Friends in a recognised hiking park. They are a great place to start for beginners to hone their skills, as well as also sometimes having parking and refreshment facilities on site.

As you can see hiking is the perfect way to spend your vacation or even your next romantic getaway. If you are interested in enjoying a hiking adventure why not just get out there and go for it?