Does Carrying a Heavy Backpack Build Muscle?

Does Carrying a Heavy Backpack Build Muscle

Does Carrying a Heavy Backpack Build Muscle? – It Depends… If you usually hike without a backpack, or you are new to hiking, and you start carrying a heavy backpack on hikes, then initially, carrying a heavy backpack will build muscle, mostly leg and butt muscles but build them it will. This is because you … Read more

Are Electric Mountain Bikes Ruining Hiking Trails?

Electric Mountain Bikes Damaging the Trails

If you are new to the world of Electric Mountain Bikes, here’s a quick introduction to familiarise you. They are motorized and battery-packed mountain bikes, with the significant battery power boosting each pedal’s stroke by up to 750 watts (that is a whole lot of free power)

LED Head Torches are Better for Camping

LED Head Torch

Ok, I think you get the picture now, that for camping in the dark, and especially performing something as critical as rescue work at night, or realistically any time when you require both hands to be free in the dark, an LED Head Torch is pretty much an essential piece of equipment

The Best Hiking Accessories for Beginners

Best Hiking Backpacks for Beginners

As you progress you are going to want to be more Adventurous and go on More Difficult Hikes. This is when you are going to need some essential Hiking Accessories