Does Backpacking Tone Your Legs?

As I write this the Spring is just arriving. A lot of people will be thinking about starting up their training regimens again after the long Winter break, hopefully just in time to get a nice firm, toned Summer Body.

People are always on the look out for different ways to train rather than going to the gym and plodding away on the Treadmill. Have you ever thought about going Backpacking to get in shape?

Does Backpacking Tone Your Legs And Get You In Shape?

Yes it does, and it does it quickly, if you do the right things. If you’ve ever had to stop and take a breather when walking up a steep will, you should be able to imagine what a good workout Backpacking can be.

Getting in shape quickly by Backpacking, and more importantly, doing it in time for our Summer Holidays is a good target to aim for, after all, no one wants to be photographed in shorts showing off baggy patches of Cellulite and Flabby Thighs, especially when the peer pressure to look good is so high nowadays, with the vast amount of Social Media sharing of our vacation snaps going on.

Why Do We Get Cellulite And Flabby Thighs?

Does Backpacking Tone Your Legs - Cellulite

When we eat more calories than we burn off, our bodies store them as fat deposits. They are stored in places such as the Belly, Under the Chin, on our Buttocks and on the Thighs.

These stores of fat just under the surface of the skin are there as an energy source to be called on in an emergency starvation situation.

The fat deposits are harmless, but they give a dimpled, lumpy uneven appearance to our skin which is not very flattering when compared with the smooth, toned skin of someone with a lower body fat percentage.

One of the best ways to get rid of this dimpled uneven appearance known as Cellulite, is to burn off the fat cells that preside just under the skin. Backpacking is a good, enjoyable, natural and healthy way to do this.

How Many Hours Will I Have To Go Backpacking For To Tone My Legs?

Does Backpacking Tone Your Legs - How Long Do I Have To Hike For

There are a lot of factors combined which make up the answer to how many hours you should Backpack for to get Toned Legs, but a ballpark figure would be at least an hour or two.

The reason being is that our bodies have stores of ready energy in our Muscles and Liver called Glycogen. This Glycogen will first have to be depleted before we can start to burn off this Subcutaneous Fat (Fat Under the Skin).

The process of burning off our Glycogen and switching to Fat Burning will take 30 to 60 minutes depending on how hard you are pushing your body. Once we reach the fat burning stage, we want to remain there for a bit, and carry on burning fat. So a timescale of one to two hours seems reasonable to start with.

What Distance Do I Need To Go Backpacking For?

Does Backpacking Tone Your Legs - How Far Do I Have To Hike

Again, the distance you need to Backpack for will depend on associated factors too, but we can, just as above give a ballpark figure again.

The average person Backpacks at somewhere around 4 km/hour. So if you were to Backpack for a couple of hours as we discussed, you would be Backpacking for around 8 km which is pretty much exactly 5 Miles if you haven’t gone metric yet.

Backpacking for at least 5 Miles will almost certainly begin to burn off some unwanted Subcutaneous Fat and rid you off some of your Cellulite. However, it’s no good just doing one Backpacking Trip and calling it a day, you will have to take part in several of them before you see good results.

Is It Better For Fat Burning If I Backpack At High Intensity?

Does Backpacking Tone Your Legs - What Backpacking Intensity Is Best

Oh yes. Upping the intensity and getting yourself puffing and panting will burn more Calories, and therefore more Fat than strolling around at a snail’s pace.

Just like if you really put your foot down in your car, you know that you are going to burn off more fuel. The same effect happens in our bodies. if we demand more power from our bodies, we need to provide the energy by burning more fuel (Fat) to supply it.

What Is The Best Terrain To Backpack Over To Tone Legs?

Does Backpacking Tone Your Legs - What Backpacking Terrain Is Best

Hills! Or more precisely Hills with varying terrain. If we put our bodies through the demands of suddenly scaling steep hills, recovering on the descent on the other side, crossing mud, stepping over rocks and puddles and constantly changing pace and lengthening and shortening our stride patterns to stay in balance, we are going to burn off a whole load of energy.

Although we will burn off fat if we Backpack around the pond at our local park, we will burn off significantly more fat in the same amount of time by Backpacking in the hills, especially if they are challenging hills.

How Much Extra Weight Should I Carry When Backpacking?

Does Backpacking Tone Your Legs - How Heavy Should My Backpack Be

Again, there is no set figure for how much extra weight you should carry in your Backpack when trying to get toned. However, carrying any extra weight will require more energy than not carrying it. So every little helps.

I would recommend carrying as much extra weight as you could manage to carry comfortably, but not to carry over one third of your body weight. A third of your bodyweight has been a figure that has been used for many years in Backpacking circles to denote a weight that you could carry comfortably without damaging your knees and back.

How Do I Get The Quickest Results From Backpacking?

Does Backpacking Tone Your Legs - Do It All

That’s a simple one to answer. If you want to get toned from Backpacking really quickly, you should combine all of the factors mentioned above and Backpack like that.

So in theory you would be Backpacking for over a couple of hours, for multiple miles, at a high pace and intensity, over rapidly changing and hilly terrain carrying a heavy backpack.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds really appealing to me. Maybe I’m a bit sadistic.

Will Anything Else Help Me Get Toned Quicker When Backpacking?

Does Backpacking Tone Your Legs - Low Calorie Diet

Yes, Modifying your Calorie Intake by changing your diet.

Remember that when Backpacking to tone your legs and body, all you are doing is burning calories. This in turn eventually burns fat which reduces Cellulite.

if we reduce how many Calories we eat, we will have less Glycogen in our bodies, so when we go Backpacking, we will get to the fat burning stage earlier than if we ate the same diet we always have.

Summary Of “Does Backpacking Tone Your Legs”?

I think we’ve established that Backpacking is a quick and accessible way to tone your legs and body. There are several factors that will decide how fast that toning will happen, namely:

  • How long you Backpack for
  • How far you Backpack
  • The intensity and speed you Backpack at
  • The terrain you Backpack over
  • How much extra weight you carry in your Backpack
  • How many Calories you eat compared to how many Calories you burn off
  • How many of the above you combine on a single Backpacking trip

Does Backpacking tone your legs? I think we explained that “Yes it does“, and it has a host of other positive benefits associated with it too.