Base Camping – Camping with a Base Camp

Base Camping: What is it?

Base Camping is Camping where your planned expedition has a Home Base, such as a House tent, a Family Tent , a Car or a Van of some sort.

When you go Base Camping rather than Hiking Camping or Through Hiking it gives you the added ability to have a Home Base which you can sleep in, store all your supplies and equipment in, and have a Headquarters where you can be sheltered from the elements to rest up and plan your next day’s activities, not to mention providing you and your group somewhere to eat and socialise.

Is there Another way to Base Camp?

Yes, Base Camping, Home Base Camping, Truck Camping or Car Camping are all literally the same thing and are all a means of providing you and your group with all of the benefits I’ve just pointed out above and more.

Here “Amanda Outside” shares with you her list of essential items that you need as a beginner for a Base Camp. She runs her Base Camp from the back of her car, but the general principles are the same no matter what type of Base Camp you run on your expedition.

Why go Base Camping?

Base Camping gives you the ability to cover an extremely large area of operations thoroughly. You can take with you more than enough equipment for multi day excursions with the ability to leave most of the equipment securely locked away in the home base without having to carry it around with you.

Base Camping can be as basic as leaving your stuff behind when you go off hiking and exploring whilst using a van or tent as your home base, to full on “Glamping” where your home base is a Luxury Family Tent with Rooms, a Kitchen and a Portable Lavatory. The choice is entirely yours.

When does Base Camping make sense for a Hiker?

It makes sense for a Hiker to go base camping when they need a place to return to and rest up after a hard day’s slog on the hills.

Base Camping is usually a far more relaxing and less stressful form of Camping than Wild Camping, Backpacking or Hiking. This is due to the fact that you aren’t carrying an inordinate amount of equipment around with you, but you are able to have all of those luxurious extras waiting for you back at your home base at the end of a long tough hike.

What Equipment should I take for Base Camping?

Usually when we are making kit lists for our expeditions we are cutting back to as many lightweight basics as we can get away with. But, in the case of Base Camping, your imagination is your limit. Take whatever you can fit on your transport and that will make your life more comfortable.

We take part in a lot of DofE Adventurous Journeys and Training Weekends and always have a Base Camp in which to store our equipment, make plans, have briefings, cook, eat and sleep.

What about Personal Hygiene while Base Camping?

Here’s a breakdown of some of the equipment we take for our base camp:

Is Base Camping Worthwhile – What to look for in a base camp?

To me the answer is a resounding yes, but only if base camping fits the circumstances of the trip you have planned.

There are many times that we have returned from extremely challenging and long hikes and our eyes have lit up as we approached the Base Camp and saw the comfort awaiting us, not to mention the times we have been drawn home by the smells of bacon sandwiches coming from the base camp kitchen.